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Anina Mountains are relatively far from large arteries ; however, they lead to ways of communication of national interest which can be linked with trips starting points . Thus, in the east it is DN 6 and railway Bucharest – Timisoara. In Caransebes , west emerges DN 58 to Resita, then mountains, Anina railway Caransebes – Resita . North of Mehadia , from DN 6 DN 57 B emerges that connects Oraviţa ; it passes through Bozovici Gorge Minis and thus crossing transverse Anina Anina Mountains . In the west is Anina Mountains DN 57 Timişoara – Moldova Noua crossing Oraviţa and Deta from DN 57 DN 58 B emerges to Resita by Bocşa , doubled route and a railway . We must also remember the railway Oraviţa – Anina that the 10 viaducts and 14 tunnels is itself a tourist route.

These communication routes connecting the starting points to the mountain as follows:
Bârzavei sat Valley City Resita, 225 m altitude average; railway station, bus station, hotels, etc. From the west section of road starts upgraded Resita -Oraviţa of which emerge routes 3 and 4. From the city center on Route 58 Resita -Anina fall, which will then Doman Valley runs through the limestone plain common Iabalcea to Caraşova. From it emerges route 6 (for Caras Gorges) and Cross Iabalcea (8 km from Resita) starts a country road passing through the village road and reach Iabalcea Comarnic Cave (8 km). Out he goes routes 20 and 21. Caraşova village (190 m altitude. Average) is an excellent starting point in Caras Gorge (lane 5).

Poneasca (386 m alt. Average), located in the valley of the same name, is accessible by local road (3 km long) that emerges from DN 57 B Valley minis. The route goes Poneasca 12 (Lake Buhui) and another route in Semenic.

Minis Valley (430 m alt. Average), instead of the Minis valley on Route 57 B. 11 routes originate here (Lake Buhui) and 10 (Valley Beului).

baraj Minis
Walking and climbing underground. Among the many karst which is Anina Mountains caves occupies an important place. The paper described 16 tourist caves of importance. For their visit must have the proper equipment. Tourists common sense and respect for nature not entered the names on cave walls, not destroy formaţiuinile concretion. They are beautiful only in place and we should not forget that they present scientific importance and must be protected.

The caves described in the paper is on or near the tourist routes as follows: Comarnic Cave (routes 5, 7, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25 and 26); Bat Cave and Cave stronghold II (lane 5); Cave Racoviţă (route 22); Cave Popovic (routes 24 and 26); Turk Cave, Cave pars at Cape Baciului Cave at Cape Baciului (route 19); Water Cave and Cave Gorge Gârlişte Galati (route 23); Cave Marghitas (route 24); Cave Buhui (route 27); Cave and Cave Ponor poplar (route 30); Pothole in Poiana Pit (route 2) requires special equipment and mastering the art of mountaineering; Pothole CUTEZATORUL (route 16) was arranged for visits by pioneers in Resita.

Marked trails:
Resita – Secu (town) – Vãliug – tourist complex Crivaia
Secu – Certej summit – tourist complex Crivaia
Resita – Lupac – Cioaca LUPAC – Dognecea
Resita – Cross LUPAC – Lake Vârtoape
Caraşova – Caras Gorge – Prolaz – Plateau Iabalcea – Comarnic cave – Tourist Complex Crivaia
Cross Iabalcea – Prolaz
Comarnic cave – Poiana drink – Villa Klauss
Steierdorf – Eye Lake Beu – Romanian -Sasca Beu Bridge
Valley Minis – Three Knolls Park – Lake Buhui
Poneasca – Poiana Mare old man – Lake Buhui
New Şopotu – Nera Gorges – Romanian Sasca
Nera Keys (elbow Blidaresii) – Top habitat – the spring Tisi
Nera Keys (Poiana Meliugului) – TISI source
Sasca Montana – Susarei Gorge – Devil’s Lake (Nera Gorges)
Resita – Canton Silva Mind – Cave Comarnic
Furnaces – Cave Turkey – Caves Valley Baciului
Iabalcea – Prolaz
Iabalcea – Cave Comarnic
Prolaz – Caras Gorge – Cave Comarnic
Anina – Garlistei Keys – village Gârlişte
Anina – Lake Marghitas – Between Rivers (Mediureca) – Cave Comarnic
Anina – Saddle Furnaces – forester`s Jervani – Cave Comarnic
Jervani of forest – Caras Gorge – Cave Comarnic
Anina Circuit – Lake Buhui – Cave Buhui – Anina
Lake Marghitas – top CONIAR
Lake Marghitas – top Straja
Circuit Steierdorf – poplar Cave – Cave Ponor – Steierdorf
LAPUSNICU Mare – clearing Scocu – Gura Golumbului
LAPUSNICU Mare – Poiana Roschii – Leordiş tip – Poiana Flowers – Bridge monk
Source TISI – Poiana Roschii – Poiana Gura Scocu Golumbului
Poiana Scocu – Valley Păuleasca
Poiana Scocu – top Leordiş

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