Tourism and sights of the area

The tourism potential of the area is of particular localities Anina and Steierdorf being placed in the content Anina Mountains , mountains that present in a proportion of 70 % rock karst , where the waters have dug several specific format such as springs, waterfalls, cliffs, caves, grottos, gorges, etc.

Tourism is constantly thinking as a form of “integrated tourism”. Mountainous Banat potential is unused and even unknown to a large extent. It must be sought and used in conjunction with ongoing market demand. An opportunity Banat Mountain area is industry specific Montanist arranged territory as a network, together with a natural setting. Industry Montanist be regarded as an economic opportunity and cultural threefold industry small, well preserved and in operation, included in the system of protection of monuments in conjunction with industrial tourism promoted rational and multicultural ethnic and coexistence for centuries better understanding, unique event in Europe. However, tourism and agritourism are lagging in Anina area, the city is pretty close to the traditional tourist areas of Caras Severin county, such as: Semenic, Caras Gorge or Almas Valley. Anina area’s main tourist opportunities are: Anina-Oravita railway, enclosures former mining Minis Gorge, the Caras Gorge, karst formations. The area also offers a number of opportunities for winter sports, forestry and agriculture Montanist contained in the National Parks. Another opportunity is the possibility browsing specific area tourist routes in broader or narrower circuitry and the ability to compose these tourist routes depending on the option. It can highlight the activities of the traditional way of life: the way of living, crafts, animal husbandry, land cultivation, multicultural customs and traditions. This holistic approach requires a special care for the buildings from Steierdorf – Anina, regarded as the cultural and historical heritage.
Natural lakes of Caras-Severin are few and small, the most important being of karst nature. The artificial lakes (dam) is used to produce electricity, the water supply of settlements etc. so Buhui Lake appeared that serves the water supply of the city Anina, with an area of 9.8 ha, and Lake Marghitas still on Buhui creek area of 4 hectares, initially used for heating.
The leisure areas, used mainly by locals are located near lakes: Buhui Marghitas and Minis.
In the regular meeting dated 04.04.2013, Anina City Council adopted a decision which took over administration “STATION Marghitas” from Resita IPURL IP Conta – receiver of SC ICPSALUTUS SRL in introducing the tourist circuit. Revenues from tourism activities that will take place in the location “Marghitas STATION” will enter the local budget of the city Anina. So, as soon as possible, Marghitas resort will enter a rehabilitation process following which the beautiful resort will regain its place in the tourist circuit.

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