Anina Mountains



The Anina Town is situated in the center of the Anina Mountains. From here you can visit the wonders of nature of the Banat Mountains.

The Bohui Lake and the cave with the same name are situated at 3 km far from Anina town. The storage lake of Bohui was built in 1908 and is the only water storeage dam from Romania who was made from limestone rock. Through Bohui cave pass the longest underground river from the country, having a lenght of 3210m.

The Bohui Creek supplies with water the Mărghitaș Lake, built in 1940 and located 5 km away from the town. The Mărghitaș lake is the first stoage lake arranged for tourism, especially for leisure.

with Bozovici, we have the storage lake of Gura Golîmbului (The Miniș Lake), which is supplied by the Miniș River, who has a 29 km lenght. On the both sides of the Miniș River, there are the lovely Miniș Canyons.

Following this road which connect Anina with Bozovici except Gura Golîmbului Lake, we have the Bigăr Waterfall, situated exactly at the 45 Parallel. Miniș Canyon is the only canyon from the country passed totally by a good asphalted road.


Deep down Anina Mountains there is the wonderful bluegreen water „Ochiu Beiului” Lake. At a small distance from this, in the deep forest of a Nera-Beușnița Canyon natural park, we can admire a lot of waterfalls on the Beușnița River.

This natural park have a rich species of fauna and flora, and they are a lot of legends and tales about those places who have many and many fans, visitors and admirers.

A superb picture of nature can be found in Nera Canyon. One of the most beautiful rocks vallys of Romania have almost 20 km lenght. From the both sides of Nera River, there are rising many rocks of limestone. In the Nera Canyon we can discover a lot of caves, most of them still unexplored. Alongside of The Nera Valley is a lot of carst springs, the road is made mostly on the rocks and passes on the tunnels in some places, and the longest of these tunnels has 40m lenght.

The legendary Devils Lake is created by the falling of a cave. The cave opened like a dragon mouth, so as it wants to swallow the lake. The lake’s dimensions are: 35m lenght, 18m width and 9m depth.


During Locvei Mountains slips the Rudăria Creek, which created the Rudăria Canyon. Alongside Rudăria Creek we can find 32 watermills, which are functioning by horizontal blades. The tradition of watermills is more than 200 years old and they are still used today to crush cereals.

In the southern part of the Banat Mountains, we can find another wonder of nature, The Danube Pass, who has a lot of touristic objectives which worth to be visited.

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