Lake Buhui

Lake and dam Buhui

Very close to the town of Anina, at the intersection equipped with indicator and cemetery district located near Sigismund – right where the main road reaches the top of the hill, follow a road partially upgraded but even with a demanding practicable, the lake and the dam named Buhui. This lake, with an area of 1.6 km2 and maximum depth of approximately 27 meters was Moldova consisted in 1908 that artificial river water Buhui be stopped during her dam, which bears his name. The dam has a crest width of 8 meters, and down to the base about 15 meters. Water supply close to the dam serves the village Anina. The required water is allowed to drain through an underground – one of the longest underground water courses (3217 m) known from Romania – who appears again in the cave Buhui surface, where it leads to Anina through a tunnel.
For hikers, offers a romantic view of the lake Buhui, picturesque and charming trees on the lake mirrored perfectly in the water, which seem to be flip to the bottom of the river.

Near the lake and even though there are few places on purpose intended by nature for tourists, where they can enjoy the natural beauties of having the feeling that time stands still. If you follow the road after dam and landscaped Forestry Anina location, to discover a fountain with cold water, clear and pure as can exist only in the mountains. Of course routes vary, hikes can continue visiting many roads and trails being mostly marked. Located at 640 meters altitude, Buhui lake is surrounded by a beautiful forest of fir and beech. It has an area of 9.8 hectares.
In the Lake meet landscapes in any season, but especially in winter when water freezes mirror partially or entirely.

Chalet Buhui:

Canton Buhui, built and managed by the Forestry Department, is an ideal place for recreation, fishing, beach, water sports, hiking, located at an altitude of 640m. Easy access approx. 2km forest road modernized the city, good camping opportunities, new cottage accommodation and meals, children’s playground, sports field and especially recreational opportunities.
Access is on the right DN58 Cemetery Sigismund (Anina-Steierdorf) forest road to Lake Buhui.
Buhui Lake was built between 1908 – 1909, is surrounded by a beautiful forest of fir and beech, with an area of 9.8 hectares and is the only artificial lake in the country located on limestone.
Anina Forest District is bordered to the north Resita Forest Department, Forest Department Bozovici to the east, south and Bozovici Sasca Forest Department and to the west with the Forest Department Oravita.
From geographically, Anina Forest Department is located on the limestone plateau of Anina Mountains, ramification of the Banat Mountains.
Location detour south – west of the country, sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains and relatively close to the Adriatic Sea, determine temperate – moderate – continental climate with Mediterranean influences.
Buhui Chalet Anina is managed by Forest Department, Forestry Directorate Resita.

GPS Coordinates: 45 ° 04’35.1 “N 21 ° 53’21.8” E
Contact: For reservations call Mr. Vasile Iosifescu
Tel .: 0255/216 533; 0732.850.742

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