Canton forest Cârneala and Cave Cârneala (Ice Cave)

Canton forest Cârneala is in the heart of Anina Mountains amidst a vast ancient forest of beech and fir mixed with spruce. It is a magical place isolated and far from any source of pollution, the mountain air is very clean due to large extent of the forest. The area is rich in fauna and flora specific temperate forests. Here live large populations of doe and Carpathian deer, which sometimes can be seen on forest roads crossing the area.

To reach the canton forest Cârneala follow the road from Lake Buhui ahead about 4 km.

From canton Cârneala, to reach the Cave Cârneala, at the intersection in front of the Canton follow the right road about 2 km.

Cârneala Cave is also known as the Ice Cave because of icicles that forms in winter in the cave and persist a good time of year.

Ice Cave is situated at an altitude of 812 m and a length of 162 m, with total difference of level of 18 m.

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