Tourist Attractions

ANINA is a picturesque town situated in an attractive area in terms of tourism development opportunities, it was an important center of coal mining in the mountain area of ​​Banat.
The natural flora and fauna attract the two neighboring lakes and recreational opportunities. Tourist Area Extensive hiking for nature lovers, the relief areas continues to pleasantly surprise tourists.

Tourist Attractions Anina – Local:

Anina mine – I and II wells.
Steierdorf Catholic Church – One of the first building of settler Steierdorf.
Maial Orchards – Point Belvedere and Awards Celebration Cimpenesti area. The place where Mathias Hammer has discovered coal.
Sigismund Catholic cemetery with the tomb of collective mining accident.
Viaduct and the first tunnel – Schlucht – railway track Anina – Oravita.
Anina Station.
Steierdorf fire station.
Former Mining Club – now the House of Culture of the city.
Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helena – Anina
Ponor site with traces of vegetation and marine life in rock.
Ponor Cave.
Zina Tilva Ponor Cave / Crivina.
Cave poplar.
Lake Buhui.
Izbucul Caras.
Buhui Grotto.
Cave Marghitas.
Lake Marghitas.
Cave Crivina.
Girlistelor keys.
Lake Minis
Trinity Church Anina – Steierdorf
Various lookout points.
Tourist Attractions Anina – area = max. 50 km away from Anina:

Railways Anina – Oravita.
Mihai Eminescu Theater – Oravita.
Memorial House and printing Oravita.
Beiului eye.
Maria Teresa Fortress.
Parallel 45.
Golumbului Glade / Poiana Scoc / Vf.Bracia / Vf.Cirsia Mare.
Poiana Roschii.
Pothole in Poiana Roschii.
By Jervani – Comarnic Cave.
Orthodox Monastery Ciclova.
Cave St. Helena.
Massive Pothole & Roll.
Caras Gorge.
Bat Cave.
Cave Emil Racovita.
Locomotive Museum Resita.
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