Geography and climate

Anina is located in forested mountains of the same name, which represents the southern extension mountains of the Western Carpathians, the Romanian Banat, with coordinates 45 ° 2’30 “north latitude and 21 ° 53’20” east longitude in Caras – Severin.
The average altitude of 645 m settlement is and the minimum is 556 m and is located near the station.
Surface hydrographic network is underdeveloped due to land limestone constitution, represented by two valleys having the opposite course, Caras and Nera River tributary. These valleys are crossed by Anina brook and Steierdorf creek, which flows into the River Minis.
On the river Minis between Anina and Bozovici in Gura Golumbului a nicely arranged lake.
Along with Anina brook, eastward flowing brook Buhui. For drinking water the city was artificially created lake Buhui by building a dam on the creek Buhui ground. Buhui stream feature is that a portion of 3,217 m flowing underground, the longest subterranean watercourse in the country.
The climate is monitored by a meteorological station locală.Temperatura annual average of + 9 ° C – + 10 ° C, the hottest month is August with an average of 21 ° C, while the coldest is February, with average -3 ° C
The area is affected by the local winds insignificant. A notable influence but sporadic wind has Coşava Banat, his strength is greatly diminished due to the large distance from the place of genesis and relief of constituting a protective shield. Determining his direction is south to north.

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