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The opening of the National Tourism Information and Promotion Anina has a special importance for both area and Anina Mountains region of Caras-Severin development, and for the whole Romanian tourism potential. The activities will take place CNIPT Anina will contribute significantly to promoting the potential of local, regional and national levels and to improve the image of both the destination and Caras-Severin County in Romania, overall, the international destination. Anina CNIPT becomes structure that will take on the role of promoting and marketing tourism destination county. National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion Anina will provide the full range of information necessary for a tourist: Accommodations, transportation, sights, monuments and tourist attractions, offers the local, trips, tours, programs and events of local communities, Maps, brochures, leaflets own both, and the tourism operators. Anina CNIPT help integrate local tourism offers tourist packages of some tour operators located in other areas of the country. An important feature of this center is the possibility of connection to other national centers, so that the database created at the national level can be accessed by any user, located anywhere in Romania which is promoted by such a center.